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I Don't Know What I Want

A body of work about the exploration of the concept of masculinity in the western European society. 

Photos intertwined with poems, journal notes and video frames to interrogate what it means to be a man, addressing the present crisis of the traditional male role in line with new research on gender equalities and fluidity. 

Starting from observing daily street scenes and places where men gather together to the moment I turn the camera to myself and I dig through my diaries to address my personal struggle, as well as the restlessness research of a meaning and purpose in the open world. 

Representation of toxic masculinity and archetypes conducts such as “Pack behaviour”, Bravado and machismo are shown in opposition with vulnerability, insecurity and Peter Pan Syndrome. A contradictory mix to examinate the male critical process of finding individual identity; discovering what men want in order to learn and take on responsibilities to play an active role in the society they live in.

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